How A Property Group Saves $97,000 Annually with Water Leak Technology

In this apartment case study, you will discover:

  • How much toilet leaks and water leaks were costing Standard Communities, a leading CRE investment and development firm
  • The annual cost savings from implementing water leak technology, measured in both gallons of water and reduced utility costs in 3 states
  • How the first leaks were detected on day 1 of installation



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About Sensor Industries

About Sensor Industries

A leading AI-powered water resilience company helping commercial real estate owners:

✔️ Reduce water waste

✔️ Improve their environmental footprint

✔️ Lower operating costs

Sensor Industries' solutions have saved more than 900 million gallons of potable water while adding millions of dollars back to owners’ NOI.

  • 450,000,000+ Gallons of Water Analyzed
  • 30,000+ Sensors Installed Under Active Monitoring
  • $9,000,000+ in Customer Savings