Affordable Housing Water Savings Case Study

In this video, you will discover:

  • How a municipal housing community addresses wasted water from toilet leaks
  • Annual water savings
  • Reactions from the maintenance team to leak notifications



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About Sensor Industries

About Sensor Industries

A leading AI-powered water resilience company helping commercial real estate owners:

✔️ Reduce water waste

✔️ Improve their environmental footprint

✔️ Lower operating costs

Sensor Industries solutions have saved >900 million gallons of potable water while adding tens of millions of dollars back to owners’ NOI.

  • 450,000,000+ Gallons of Water Analyzed
  • 30,000+ Sensors Installed Under Active Monitoring
  • 11,700,000+ Million Days of Toilet Data Monitoring

About This Case Study

The local water department introduced Sensor Industries technology to help its public housing team find water savings. This video includes:

  • Speed of leak detection
  • How the system works for the maintenance team
  • How the dashboard works for this municipal housing team
Sean Miller